10,000 PLN loan without certificates – compare the best offers

Bank loans for PLN 10,000 are cheaper and easier to obtain than loans for high amounts and repayment periods. How to get such a loan without certificates and in addition via the Internet? How much is a bank loan for PLN 10,000?

A loan of PLN 10,000 is often included in the cheaper bank loan offer. Due to the low amount, banks are less afraid of possible delays in repayment of such a loan by the borrower. This makes it easier to take it – sometimes you don’t even have to leave the house. Despite the low amount, many repayment terms are available in banks – in the Bankort cash loan comparator you can check the loan installments for PLN 10,000for particular periods.

10,000 PLN loan without certificates – how to get it?

10,000 PLN loan without certificates - how to get it?

How to take a loan for 10,000 PLN without certificates? Today it is much simpler than it may seem. It is sometimes enough to visit your bank’s website, log in to your account and submit an application in the online or mobile banking of the crediting bank. With this amount, banks can sometimes just look at the customer’s account history. If the bank then sees fixed income from remuneration, it no longer has to ask the client to attach to the application special certificates from the client’s employer, in which he will find confirmation of obtaining stable income.

Therefore, taking out a loan for PLN 10,000 without certificates may be easier at the bank where the customer has a savings and checking account. Otherwise, it is enough to contact other banks and apply for a loan of PLN 10,000. Even in a foreign institution with such a low amount of liabilities it is possible to take out a loan for PLN 10,000 for a statement – the client then makes a statement on their own responsibility about the income and costs of living.

10,000 PLN loan – what installments?

10,000 PLN loan - what installments?

It should be remembered that loan installments for PLN 10,000 will not be high if we spread the loan over a longer period of time. In addition, a loan for such an amount is subject to the principles of granting consumer credit, which is an additional security for customers. Thanks to this legal structure, the customer may withdraw from the contract within 14 days (he will then pay only interest calculated from the moment the loan is disbursed until the entire loan amount is returned to the bank). The interest rate on a PLN 10,000 cash loan may not currently exceed 10% per annum. However, be careful about the amount of commission.

What is the loan installment for 10,000 PLN without a certificate? A loan of PLN 10,000 for two years will mean an installment of just over PLN 450 / month in the bank. With such a commitment, the total cost in the best offer will be less than PLN 1,000. This means that the bank will eventually charge the customer about 110% of the amount it has lent. However, it should be remembered that less attractive offers may be associated with higher costs. Loan installments for PLN 10,000 can exceed even PLN 600 / month with a two-year repayment period.

Looking for a lower installment, you can spread the loan repayment into 10,000 PLNover a longer period – e.g. 5 years. Then the most favorable offers of such a bank loan will mean a monthly installment of around PLN 200 / month. In the worst case, its amount will exceed PLN 300 / month.

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